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How To Play

  1. Register to play Ladies Dream Golf. On the registration form, be sure to enter your local timezone. This will ensure that posted deadlines for making picks are displayed correctly for your timezone. If you forgot to enter your timezone at the time you registered, you can edit your profile by selecting "MyProfile" in the upper right portion of the menubar.

  2. Prior to each tournament, during the Pick Period, select your LPGA or LET players on the appropriate Tour tab on the Make Picks page. A green rectangle around the LPGA tab and/or LET tab indicates the Pick Period is open for a tournament in that Tour. (A red rectangle indicates the Pick Period is closed.) For each active tournament, select one player from each of the four groups. Players are listed in order of ranking within each group. The first player in each group will be displayed until you activate the pop-up menu to reveal the full list of names within that group. After selecting your four players, press the "Submit" button. You may change your selections as many times as you wish during the Pick Period.

    NOTE: The “Pick Period” is defined as the time period preceding an upcoming tournament in which you are free to make/change your picks. The Pick Period will typically start no later than 5:00pm Mountain time on the Monday preceding the upcoming tournament, and will end at 7 am local tournament time the first day of the LPGA or LET tournament. Check the messages at the top of the appropriate Tour tab on the Make Picks page for specific date/times for the current Pick Period.

  3. Each player may submit only one entry per tournament. Players may participate in as many or few tournaments during the season as they wish.

  4. After each tournament, you will be awarded points based on the amount of money your selected players earn (1 point per US dollar for LPGA tournaments and 1 point per Euro for LET tournaments). Additionally, you will earn a bonus equivalent to 2.5% of the tournament purse if all four of your selected players make the cut. This bonus is not available for no-cut tournaments.

    NOTE: Amateurs are not allowed to earn money on the LPGA or LET. For the purposes of this game, amateurs will be awarded the number of points earned by the pro player(s) finishing tied with or immediately behind the amateur in the tournament ranking.

About Ladies Dream Golf

Ladies Dream Golf is the only fantasy golf site/game for ladies professional golf, covering both the LPGA and LET. It is never too late in the season to join!